Phishing Training

Take phishing training now and prepare for professional fraud emails

Let your organization learn how to deal with phishing attacks and strengthen your human firewall with phishing training.

Train now how to handle professional Phishing emails

Prepare your organization and reliably train your employees* to detect phishing emails To prevent data leakage, abuse and damage to reputation

Click,- opening and reporting rates – Get resilient numbers

Do all employees reliably recognize phishing mails? Measure objectively whether your employees* are prepared for the dangers of the 21st century.

Increasing difficulty levels & guaranteed learning curve

Easy to learn, hard to master. This is the principle we use to start our phishing simulations. With each training wave the level of difficulty increases gradually. You were not prepared for Emotet, WannaCry and NotPetya? Train your employees inside with our help.

Projects, campaigns and content – create targeted

Which guidelines in your organization are unclear? Which tools and recommendations for action are used where problems exist? With measurable figures you can execute awareness campaigns in a targeted manner, measure their success and thus save budget in the area of IT security awareness.

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1. meeting & preparation

In the first meeting we determine the scope, duration and level of difficulty of the campaign. Have you had a problem with specific phishing e-mails in the past? We would be happy to take these as a prelude to a campaign.

2. implementation and measurement

We send out the phishing mails we create and measure the success of the campaign. You determine the time of launch and the target groups, industries or teams that are to receive the mails.

3. Bericht & Fazit

What were successful phishing mails – but which ones were recognized? Together we will talk about the success of the campaign and give recommendations for the next steps. Phishing simulations should be carried out repeatedly