Penetration Test & Auditing

We examine your systems for weak points and help you to close them.

The way to conduct a penetration test

A penetration test is always an individual project. The way to have your pentest performed by AWARE7 can be defined by three steps.


In the first free consultation we clarify questions about the architecture, the scope and depth of the test.


We perform the penetration test according to current standard procedures (OSSTMM or the OWASP Testing Guide).


Der Penetrationstest wird mit einer übersichtlichen und einem umfangreichen Report abgeschlossen.

The pentest experts of AWARE7 GmbH

The team of AWARE7 GmbH is specialized in the professional execution of penetration tests. The many years of experience of the analysts as well as the qualified education and training of each individual employee enable the reliable detection of security holes in your systems. The effectiveness of protection mechanisms can also be checked and documented in a penetration test.


Senior Cyber Security Consultant

Matteo Große-Kampmann



Junior Cyber Security Consultant


Senior Cyber Security Consultant


Junior Cyber Security Consultant



Our testers usually act as a team to provide you with optimal results. During the execution of the test you will receive a “Single Point Of Contact”. One person is assigned exclusively to your project and is the contact person for all issues. Benefit from a 24/7 availability and enjoy a comfortable communication and information flow into the team. AWARE7 GmbH looks back on more than 70 years of professional experience in various areas of offensive and defensive IT security.


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“AWARE7 is a strong and competent partner for us in the area of pentesting our SaaS solutions and mobile apps. The AWARE7 team stands out with its ability to prepare and communicate results for all areas of our company in a professional and appealing way”.

Markus Hertlein,
CEO, XignSyS GmbH

You can have these areas examined by us

AWARE7 GmbH is a company specialized in the execution of penetration tests. Are you planning to have your network, applications in the cloud or other types of hardware and software tested? Download our provided documents free of charge and without obligation.


We examine your used software according to the approach you demand or need.


Your hardware is examined and tested for common and exceptional vulnerabilities.


We test your infrastructure for availability, integrity and confidentiality.

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A penetration test reveals weaknesses in your systems and, by closing the gaps, protects you from being exploited by attackers. The security investigation should always be seen as a selective inventory. In the interest of a sustainably secure company, penetration tests must be repeated at regular intervals.

Depending on the scope of the system and the desired test depth, your application can be examined from the validation of user input to complex code analysis. We conduct our tests methodically according to the OWASP Testing Guide or the OSSTMM, in the most current version.

Free Pentest documents

Get a clear impression of how a pentest works and how you can benefit from its implementation.

Which different types of tests are available and which technical terms should be known by those involved Download our guide now.

Web application, cloud or mobile testing are the core competencies of AWARE7. Learn more and download our Pentest Guide.

What does a penetration test cost and how is it structured? We inform you about this in our free whitepaper.

Frequently asked questions

White box

Your system is tested by our experts without any knowledge on our part. We only give your company name to our testers and they start with the information research. This attack is very close to a real attacker, but the initial information research takes a long time depending on the size of the system, so that a large time frame has to be chosen to get meaningful results.

Grey Box

The most necessary information was exchanged via the target system. This includes, for example, the URL of the application as well as user logon information representing different user roles. The Greybox test is the most effective method to examine your application. Due to the lack of extensive information research compared to the black box test, more attention can be paid to the detection and exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

Black Box

A white box test provides full knowledge of the target system. The white box penetration test includes a comprehensive code review. This review is conducted with a focus on IT security. Architecture and infrastructure aspects are also examined and subsequently evaluated. The white box penetration test, similar to the black box penetration test, takes a lot of time to perform.