Live Hacking & Cyber Security Shows

Experience how hackers work, think and act to steal your data, disrupt processes and cause damage.

Our Live Hackings consist exclusively of real cyber attacks

Trust the experts at AWARE7

The way to your Live Hacking Show

meeting & planning

In the first free consultation we will talk about your event. We will clarify initial questions about the audience and the context in which the event will take place.


We prepare everything for you. Until the event is carried out, we are in exchange. We travel to the event, carry out a technical check if necessary and then inspire your audience.

questions & follow-up

During or after the show we answer the questions of the participants*. We would be happy to make our question tool available for your event. Participants can submit questions anonymously

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We can demonstrate these attacks & scams live to your audience

Attacks on the password

We show you modern attacks on the password. We crack e-mail inboxes, login portals and protected documents.

Call-ID Spoofing

The 110 calls? A popular scam of criminals. We show how the attack looks like and how you can protect yourself.

Hardware Hacking

Charging cables, USB sticks and wrong keyboards. We show hardly recognizable gateways that are possible via these devices.

Drone Hacking

We manipulate drones – from the images to the launch. A special live hacking with experience character, for every bigger event.

Phishing Attacks

We show current phishing campaigns, scams and procedures of cyber criminals.

Google Hacking

The most popular search engine can also be used by criminals. We show how it works and how you can protect yourself.

WLAN & Network Hacking

In hotels, cafés or airports, just log on to the WLAN – we show you where dangers lurk and how they can be reduced.

Your individual scenario

We develop an individual live hacking scenario in the context of your event. Ensure an unforgettable experience.

Further Information

Our Live Hacking Experts

Moritz Gruber

Senior Cyber Security Consultant

Matteo Große-Kampmann


Jan Hörnemann

Junior Cyber Security Consultant

Chris Wojzechowski


Raise the awareness for IT security suddenly!

A live hacking presentation is customized for your event and your target group. It is possible to include the audience and to transfer attacks to your industry. Inspire from young to old for more IT security, data protection and the more sensitive handling of data and technology.

  • Shows are also possible with two speakers. This way, more complex attacks can be presented in an understandable way.
  • We recommend a period of 30 minutes or longer. Optimal is 60 – 90 minutes plus questions
  • Our experts will then answer the questions of your audience. Also beyond the contents of the lecture

Your basic
Live Hacking Show

starts from

USD 1.250

excl. VAT + travel costs

As unique or recurring event

Immediately notice an increased awareness of cyber threats

You receive free materials for the preparation and follow-up of your event

We support your IT and IT security department

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Chris Wojzechowski
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

IT-Sicherheit schafft Vertrauen.
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Tel. 0209 8830 6761