Digital Risk Management

Identify, evaluate and reduce digital risks cost-effectively.

With our Digital Risk Management Tool you can uncover attack vectors and measure your invested budget in IT security measures and projects.

Digital Risk Management –
identify modern risks.

We live in a world of ever-increasing digital threats and store more and more assets high. Riskrex is the modern approach to detect potential attack vectors, assess risks and subsequently reduce or eliminate them.

  • Discover, evaluate and close attack vectors
  • Track and measure investments in IT security
  • Early detection and prevention of lateral phishing
  • Detect information leaks and fake accounts

Comprehensible numbers with a transparent calculation.

Your Fraud Readiness Index

A risk score is automatically calculated for each organization from over 250 tapped data sources.

Compare with the industry

Find out how you compare with your industry and what you can do to catch up.

Detect critical problems

We analyze technical and human attack vectors. You can see at a glance in which areas your organization has deficits.

Present the success of projects

Planned, ongoing and completed IT(-Security) projects can be measured and their impact visualized.

Low attack potential

You can see at a glance in which areas you can expect a low attack potential.

Comprehensible numbers with a transparent calculation.

Export your data from RISKREX to various formats.

Continue working with other systems.

Do you already have other IT security systems and monitoring tools in use? Add to the database and benefit from synergies.

Clear presentation, easy navigation.

No matter whether you are an IT security specialist, administrator or chief information security officer. Different views enable clear navigation even with extensive data.

Security relevant events at a glance.

Data leaks, compromised accounts, fake accounts in professional networks or technical vulnerabilities are messages that you will receive directly. If you have specified responsible persons, they are automatically provided with the necessary information.

Compare your security level on a daily basis.

How has your IT security level improved/deteriorated in the past year? Have you tackled the right projects and implemented them in such a way that the risk of being subject to an attack has decreased? Just let us show you.

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